Tuesday, September 6, 2016

6 Cool Sex Positions You Must Introduce to Her in Bed

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Sure, you’ve probably tried lots of sex positions; however, most of them might have not sit well with your partner. According to Adelaide Escorts, there are sex positions that can actually guarantee her satisfaction. And clearly, these are the kinds that you need to apply in bed. Of course, you want to ensure her pleasure, right? If so, then start by introducing her to the best position there is. Well, you can check some below!

The Plank-ish Position

Almost everyone knows that sex is good exercise, but this sex position takes it to a new level. It requires you to have the strength to do a plank over her, and the strength for her to support you, but the deep penetration this position achieves is worth it. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

The “Leap Like a Frog”

The chair you choose for this sex position will need to take both your weight and hers, so make sure it's sturdy. Push it against the bed for extra stability. This movement actually allows both of you some control in movement, which is good because adjusting the angle while keeping your balance is tricky! Ask her to arch her back and stick her bottom out to make penetration easier.

The Dancer

This sex position allows you the same level of intimacy as the missionary position, with more freedom to move. Look into her eyes or try kissing her neck to increase the intimacy. Height differences can make getting the right angle different. Try getting her to stand on something, or try it with her against the wall for more support.

The Vertical Doggy Style

Doggy style with a difference – yes! This sex position uses a chair to have her in a more vertical position that allows for more intimacy than the usual doggy position. Lean the chair against the bed or a wall for more stability, and make sure it's plush so she won't get sore knees.

The Standing Ovation

This standing sex position gives you easy access to every part of her body. It's a great one for the shower, but just watch the hot water doesn't run out halfway through! If you are much taller than her, get her to stand on something to raise her up, or if you live in a multi-storied house, try this position while on the staircase.

The Circus

If you've got the upper body strength of a superhero, then this sex position will make her feel like she's flying. If you're strength isn't quite there, this position can be altered into a wheelbarrow position – just get her to place her hands on the ground in front of her to support some of her weight.

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