Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Ingenious Ideas On How To Add Vigor To An Arid Sex Life

Many guys often assume that they are technically “the best in bed”. In reality, a rising number of ladies are already grumbling, because they're noticing that their dudes have become so monotonous in bed. So instead of ending up with a truly dismal bedroom performance, Escort Girls in Perth has a couple of great ideas on how to change an otherwise monotonous evening of sex into something extremely gratifying and earth-shaking.

Sprinkle A Lot of Lust Into Your Love Life

One aspect that makes sex dull and totally lifeless is the emotional detachment between spouses. If you and your spouse or partner start to notice that the sex has already become so routine, of which you're slowly getting used to the idea of counting the ants on the ceiling, why not try sprinkling a lot of lust into your sex life?

The lust and longing however should happen, or occur, naturally, and it can't be coached or determined. Try telling your partner sleazy stuff that you'll only hear in porn movies like “I'd like to see you come”, “you're so fucking yummy”, along with other erotic phrases. And though you and your partner may see some off-days, relax and don't swiftly leap to assumptions. Just make sure you learn from all your drawbacks in bed.

Slowly Raise The Ante

Many guys also worry that they can't prolong their stamina in bed. To sustain the tryst, you could try to slow things down and do something else (like stroke and nibble her hips and legs), instead of just driving your "penis" straight to her "vagina". Guys could learn to prolong their sexual climax by performing a series of meditation & relaxation exercises, as well as by gently jerking off for 20 minutes or more.

To effectively slow things down, couples could expend time fondling, nibbling and kissing each other (in different parts of the body), until they both start to get aroused. For example, guys could massage their spouse's clitoris with quick, and long strokes using the fingertips or tongue. Make sure to ask your lover if she's already attained an 8 or 9, on a gratification scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Another way to enliven up an otherwise dreary sex life would be to start getting freaky early in the day. You could call your lover at work (or school), and tell him/her what you'd like to do to them in bed later this evening once they get home. By constantly doing this, Lovely Perth Escorts notes that both partners will be thinking of nothing but hot & steaming sex for hours and hours!