Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Conclusion of our Perth Escort Erotic Story - My Beautiful and Mysterious Girlfriend in Perth

Spellboound by her beauty, Mr. Osborne found the perfect Perth escort to make her intimate fantasies into reality.

She invited me to come closer and like a spellbound man, I walked slowly until I was sitting on top her. I kissed her with all the passion that I had ever given to a woman. She gladly returned the favor. My hands were all over her, from breast to in between her legs. I could feel her wetness and excitement as I rubbed her wet pussy while dry-humping her on the couch. Carefully, she unzipped my pants and got rid of my shirt until I was naked. Kei flipped me to a sitting position and quickly, she grabbed my hard cock and gave me a BJ. Watching my penis disappear while staring at her eyes almost pushed me to climax.

We continued to caress each other until we found our way to my bedroom. I was right on top of her and seductively took off her panties with my mouth. I kissed her legs while clutching her butt, I slowly moved to her wet pussy. It was pink and sweet, my head moved closer and I licked the heck out of it. She panted and moaned from pleasure. We went on 69 to make it easier for us then we felt that the moment was right.

Out came the condom and I slipped them in, she gave me a deep French kiss. I kissed her back and lay her on her back. We were on missionary as I penetrated her tight pussy. She closed her eyes and opened them to see me. I thrust my dick back and forth until she gave out a moan. I was kissing her from lips to her cute nipples. She grabbed my hair (which was very erotic by the way) and tightened her legs to fully grasp my cock with her pussy.

I went on faster and faster and we later switched to doggie style to penetrate her more. It was so intense that she climaxed with a seductive moan. I could tell that she was really turned on. She gave me a sensual BJ and penetrated her again and again until I could no longer handle it. I was going to blow my load and then boom! Everything went out with a couple of seconds in heaven.

This was an experience that I will remember forever. After sex, we lied on each other’s arms and cuddled for a bit. We talked about what just happened and talked some more. We sipped wine while still in bed; it was romantic and amazing. She climbed out of bed to take a shower and I pointed her to the bathroom.

After I fixed myself, I saw the beautiful girl that I met just 2 hours ago. She was on her white dress again and knowing what happened in the bedroom, she was still pretty sexy and elegant. I handed out an envelope containing her fee and appreciatively thanked me for the wonderful experience. She didn’t count the money and yet she said goodbye. I felt a bit sad that she had to leave but what kept me from calling her back was the fact that she was just doing her job (which kind of depressed me too.).

Whenever I touch myself, I always think of my experience with Kei. I will surely see her again someday.

Mr. Osborn

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