Monday, October 21, 2013

Erotically Exotic: My Beautiful and Mysterious Girlfriend in Perth

I am a red blooded male living in Australia and I confess that I have the “yellow fever”. This means that I have quite a fetish for Asian girls. I cannot fully explain why I love them (not to be racist or anything). Their cuteness, exotic beauty is a way of breaking the traditional archetype of hot girls that I usually see in catalogues and magazines. I love Asian girls so much that I went on the unexpected to date the hottest oriental beauty I could find; by hiring escorts.

You may think that it is pathetic of me to seek out the service of a sex worker but they are not what they seem to be. The reason why I sought out their services is to just experience what it feels like to date the hottest Asian girl around. So, I did my research about top class escorts in Perth particularly the hottest Asian girls. My search stumbled upon a Japanese beauty; her name is Kei and from her photos, she is the right girl.

Me and Kei exchanged a couple of emails before actually meeting up. She was accommodating yet professional; I felt close to her even though we were only chatting through email. I decided to call her to confirm my booking the next day. What I heard from the phone was a really sexy voice with a slight Japanese accent. She almost gave me a boner just by talking to her. I could imagine  what it would be like to actually meet this woman. I grew really excited, I can’t even sleep after that.

The whole day from the moment I woke up, I was always preoccupied with my appointment with Kei. Two hours before we met, she sent me a text message that she is ready to meet me at a local restaurant where we originally set up to meet. This is really happening. Not only that it signifies my Asian fantasies coming true but this is also going to be my first time with an escort. I grew nervous yet excited as well.

I was at the restaurant, 15 minutes earlier than the expected time (it’s not polite to be late on a date).  I was waiting at a table when a fair, young maiden approached me, Mr. Osborn? with a Japanese accent. I looked up and gazed upon a pretty Asian girl. Kei was very beautiful, petite, fair skinned and long wavy hair. She was wearing a white, sexy dress and red high heels clutching a matching bag. Seeing her almost instantly gave me a boner, knowing what we will be doing after dinner.

With Kei, dinner was absolutely delightful. We sipped wine while waiting for the main course. She was accommodating, a great conversationalist and very friendly. We talked about lots of things, we laughed, and we listened to each other’s opinions and experiences. The food and wine was amazing too. It helped set the mood, right until we finished dessert.

Driving to my apartment, I noticed Kei was a bit silent. She looked at me and whispered on my ear the things that she will do once we reach my apartment. Her soft lips against my ear; her warm breath on every word she speaks was like an angel talking me into paradise. While in the driver’s seat, she rubbed my pant which was bulging with excitement. She let out a smile and then kissed me on the lips. Throughout the drive, we talked about our sexual preferences and oh boy I never was this excited to go home.

I led her to my apartment and all the way up, her sexual pheromones were all over us. We walked in, I shut the door and offered a seat in a couch while I get more wine from the kitchen. By the time I came back, I saw a lingerie-clad beauty sitting in the couch, legs crossed and with arms hanging on the side. If my dick were any harder, it would’ve destroyed my zippers. Wow! I could stare at her forever.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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