Tuesday, July 9, 2013

12 Things NOT to do While Having Sex

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When making love to your partner, you want everything to be perfect. From your first move to the naughty things that you will say, everything must be perfect to keep the mood going. One wrong thing and your partner could get turned off. If you don’t want to be the “bad luck brian” or the “scumbag steve” of the night, here are some things that you should NOT do while having sex.

  1. Don’t talk about your past even when the both of you are just casually dating or having sex. Never talk about your past relationships or how good/bad your ex is in bed, etc.
  2. Going to a date without a condom. Not having rubber on your wallet even you know that you are going to get laid tonight is a mortal sin in dating; it’s like going to war without a gun.
  3. Wearing crocs (with socks); that’s a way of protecting your virginity.
  4. Skipping foreplay. Foreplay is one of the most important stages in sex and girls love it.
  5. Playing 2 become 1 and Truly Madly Deeply; they’re sweet but ultra-cliche.
  6. Never take a pee break while having sex. If you think you’re going to get laid, relieve yourself while you still can. This applies to pooping as well.
  7. Wearing your favorite, most comfortable, ultra-stained, from-three-days-ago underwear. Think about it, you’re getting laid and you’re wearing stinky underwear.
  8. Not taking a shower and not putting on deodorant.
  9. Saying another girl’s name while having sex or (worse) on the verge of climax.
  10. Not turning off your phone.
  11. Having sex while under the influence of excessive alcohol. Liquor is okay as long as you know that you’re still yourself.
  12. Ejaculating on foreplay.

Feel free to add your own on the comments section. The best way in having sex is when you enjoy the company of your partner. Know more about the companionship of Perth escorts in our blog or access our main private girls site.

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