Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adolescent Musings: 10 Scary Facts about Teen Sex

We cannot deny the fact that many people today are now opening up to the ideas of sex, without exception to that fact are the youths of the world. Many of these young people engage in sex in such an early age that most of them don’t even understand the consequences of their actions. I believe that sex shouldn’t be denied to anyone, it is just that many of us should consider and know certain things before you lose your virginity, especially for the youngsters out there.

Among many consequences that a teenager might encounter is teen pregnancy. I know most of us have watched an episode of MTV’s controversial reality show 16 and Pregnant and Teen Moms and you could tell that every person, every story somehow would end tragically with an adopted kid or a broken family. It is sad sometimes that many teens out there want to have sex just because they can, and all of this just because of Teen sex. To enlighten you with this topic, I have searched a number of teen sex facts in the United States:

  1. Most teens lose their virginity at 17 years old. Usually within their mid to late teens, 8 years before they marry according to statistics.
  2. Annually, more than 750,000 women ages 15 to 19 become pregnant. Two thirds of this number are girls aged 17 to 19.
  3. The United States holds the most pregnant teens in first world countries. More than twice as Canada which is 28 per 1000 females aged 15 - 19 in 2006 and Sweden (31 per 1,000 girls).
  4. Every year 3 million teens acquire STD that equals 1 in 4 sexually active youngsters.
  5. 15 to 24 year olds only account for a quarter of sexually active individuals but they make up almost half of STI infected population (9.1 million to 18.9 million) each year.
  6. Almost all (93 percent) of pregnant teens reported that their first time was voluntary however their pregnancy was unwanted which accounts to 82 percent of teen mothers.
  7. Every year, the age of teens having sex decrease which also exposes them to multiple partners and have higher risks of STD’s.
  8. 20 percent of teens ages 12 to 18 who take oral contraceptives became pregnant in the first 6 months of taking pills.
  9. Teens have higher risk of acquiring gonorrhea than sexually active men and women ages 22 to 44.
  10. In the United States 30 percent of female teens engage in premature sex meaning engaging in intercourse before the age of 16.

Sex can be a pleasurable experience. We should teach our younger communities to at least take precaution in the spontaneity of sex. One day you may be having fun, the next day you could become a mother or a father to an unwanted child or you could have acquired STI’s and STD’s.

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