Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Holidays from Escorts in Perth!

With Perth escorts; it's okay to receive coal on your socks! Be the naughtiest boy you could ever be in bed with these luscious ladies. If you ever need a sexy companion during the holidays, you have a great selection of sexy Aussie escorts in Perth.

Before viewing our gallery, please watch this video as we celebrate the good cheers of the Christmas season.

Have a Merry Christmas from Private Girls Australia!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Escort Directory - The Quickest Way to Find the Girl You Desire

Spice up your life and live the life that you ought to have. Spend your leisure time doing exciting activities that can be suitable to you. Outings and night outs are bright ideas for having fun. Sometimes you are just so completely fed up with your day to day activities that you increase tensions both physically and emotionally. Let the best Perth escort make you feel satisfied and relaxed. 

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To make it convenient for your search, try searching an escort directory. You could be with the most attractive lady you had ever seen in the most livable city around the world. All of these charming ladies have their own personal styles and character, providing you with the relaxation that you deserve.

Daniella Lima - Perth Touring escort
The true pearls of Perth are just within your arm’s length. Realize all your erogenous necessities with our gallery were you can come across what your body has been admiring for. Also, you can read on the website escort pages that enclose their contact details, photos and even client reviews.

These appealing women will give you absolute pleasure. Lightly doing their they can to give you the delight you desire. An escort directory can comprise hundreds of enticing women, all needing to be with you anywhere in the city. Arrange an appointment with Perth escort guides in the webpage if ever you plan to visit the area.

A drive in the city would totally be a pleasurable one with these appealing girls by your side. These gratifying ladies are here to make your trip fascinating and more tranquil. Trying to work out which is the ideal escort for you can be a grueling decision to make. That is where our virtual assistants come in, delivering you terrific customer service.

They will have the means to aid you in setting up lunch and dinner meetings with these remarkable ladies. Do not decline any opportunities to have some fun. Simply live life with these ladies and explore the tourist spots around the metro. Be drawn as they caress you with their cozy touches. Have fun looking over our Perth escort page and think about what we have in store for you.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Conclusion of our Perth Escort Erotic Story - My Beautiful and Mysterious Girlfriend in Perth

Spellboound by her beauty, Mr. Osborne found the perfect Perth escort to make her intimate fantasies into reality.

She invited me to come closer and like a spellbound man, I walked slowly until I was sitting on top her. I kissed her with all the passion that I had ever given to a woman. She gladly returned the favor. My hands were all over her, from breast to in between her legs. I could feel her wetness and excitement as I rubbed her wet pussy while dry-humping her on the couch. Carefully, she unzipped my pants and got rid of my shirt until I was naked. Kei flipped me to a sitting position and quickly, she grabbed my hard cock and gave me a BJ. Watching my penis disappear while staring at her eyes almost pushed me to climax.

We continued to caress each other until we found our way to my bedroom. I was right on top of her and seductively took off her panties with my mouth. I kissed her legs while clutching her butt, I slowly moved to her wet pussy. It was pink and sweet, my head moved closer and I licked the heck out of it. She panted and moaned from pleasure. We went on 69 to make it easier for us then we felt that the moment was right.

Out came the condom and I slipped them in, she gave me a deep French kiss. I kissed her back and lay her on her back. We were on missionary as I penetrated her tight pussy. She closed her eyes and opened them to see me. I thrust my dick back and forth until she gave out a moan. I was kissing her from lips to her cute nipples. She grabbed my hair (which was very erotic by the way) and tightened her legs to fully grasp my cock with her pussy.

I went on faster and faster and we later switched to doggie style to penetrate her more. It was so intense that she climaxed with a seductive moan. I could tell that she was really turned on. She gave me a sensual BJ and penetrated her again and again until I could no longer handle it. I was going to blow my load and then boom! Everything went out with a couple of seconds in heaven.

This was an experience that I will remember forever. After sex, we lied on each other’s arms and cuddled for a bit. We talked about what just happened and talked some more. We sipped wine while still in bed; it was romantic and amazing. She climbed out of bed to take a shower and I pointed her to the bathroom.

After I fixed myself, I saw the beautiful girl that I met just 2 hours ago. She was on her white dress again and knowing what happened in the bedroom, she was still pretty sexy and elegant. I handed out an envelope containing her fee and appreciatively thanked me for the wonderful experience. She didn’t count the money and yet she said goodbye. I felt a bit sad that she had to leave but what kept me from calling her back was the fact that she was just doing her job (which kind of depressed me too.).

Whenever I touch myself, I always think of my experience with Kei. I will surely see her again someday.

Mr. Osborn

Do you think you have what it takes to please the Perth escort that you choose? Settle on satisfaction and look for the perfect escort in the gallery

Monday, October 21, 2013

Erotically Exotic: My Beautiful and Mysterious Girlfriend in Perth

I am a red blooded male living in Australia and I confess that I have the “yellow fever”. This means that I have quite a fetish for Asian girls. I cannot fully explain why I love them (not to be racist or anything). Their cuteness, exotic beauty is a way of breaking the traditional archetype of hot girls that I usually see in catalogues and magazines. I love Asian girls so much that I went on the unexpected to date the hottest oriental beauty I could find; by hiring escorts.

You may think that it is pathetic of me to seek out the service of a sex worker but they are not what they seem to be. The reason why I sought out their services is to just experience what it feels like to date the hottest Asian girl around. So, I did my research about top class escorts in Perth particularly the hottest Asian girls. My search stumbled upon a Japanese beauty; her name is Kei and from her photos, she is the right girl.

Me and Kei exchanged a couple of emails before actually meeting up. She was accommodating yet professional; I felt close to her even though we were only chatting through email. I decided to call her to confirm my booking the next day. What I heard from the phone was a really sexy voice with a slight Japanese accent. She almost gave me a boner just by talking to her. I could imagine  what it would be like to actually meet this woman. I grew really excited, I can’t even sleep after that.

The whole day from the moment I woke up, I was always preoccupied with my appointment with Kei. Two hours before we met, she sent me a text message that she is ready to meet me at a local restaurant where we originally set up to meet. This is really happening. Not only that it signifies my Asian fantasies coming true but this is also going to be my first time with an escort. I grew nervous yet excited as well.

I was at the restaurant, 15 minutes earlier than the expected time (it’s not polite to be late on a date).  I was waiting at a table when a fair, young maiden approached me, Mr. Osborn? with a Japanese accent. I looked up and gazed upon a pretty Asian girl. Kei was very beautiful, petite, fair skinned and long wavy hair. She was wearing a white, sexy dress and red high heels clutching a matching bag. Seeing her almost instantly gave me a boner, knowing what we will be doing after dinner.

With Kei, dinner was absolutely delightful. We sipped wine while waiting for the main course. She was accommodating, a great conversationalist and very friendly. We talked about lots of things, we laughed, and we listened to each other’s opinions and experiences. The food and wine was amazing too. It helped set the mood, right until we finished dessert.

Driving to my apartment, I noticed Kei was a bit silent. She looked at me and whispered on my ear the things that she will do once we reach my apartment. Her soft lips against my ear; her warm breath on every word she speaks was like an angel talking me into paradise. While in the driver’s seat, she rubbed my pant which was bulging with excitement. She let out a smile and then kissed me on the lips. Throughout the drive, we talked about our sexual preferences and oh boy I never was this excited to go home.

I led her to my apartment and all the way up, her sexual pheromones were all over us. We walked in, I shut the door and offered a seat in a couch while I get more wine from the kitchen. By the time I came back, I saw a lingerie-clad beauty sitting in the couch, legs crossed and with arms hanging on the side. If my dick were any harder, it would’ve destroyed my zippers. Wow! I could stare at her forever.
Our next post will reveal Mr. Osborne’s hottest fantasies with Kei – the best Perth escort girl in Western Australia. You can view our gallery and indulge in the sweetness of the best in the adult entertainment industry.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sexy Perth Escort Girl Images for You


Holly Kennedy

Alicia L'amour

Anette Blonde

Lana Lavine

Mila Goddess

Jamie Chase

Lucy Bell

Sexy Samantha

Bonnie 69
We know how much you are craving for Perth escort girls, why not make this fantasy a reality? Choose the right escort in our gallery and fulfill your erotic desires.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Perth Escort Girls - A Sweet and Intimate Companion in Australia

Perth and Sydney are one of the biggest states in terms of Australian adult entertainment. You would love to know that all the girls available in these areas are high class, professional escorts that can fulfill your every erotic desire. Before you look for the best girl in our gallery, you can view these videos about Perth and Sydney escorts.

To view our Perth Escort and Sydney Escort Gallery, click on our links.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best Escort Nominees from Private Girls Australia

When you think of Australia, we always think of the great beaches and stunning sights but the country has a deeper and more erotic secret. The adult entertainment industry in Australia is not something that you should take for granted. From the best porn stars, brothels, escorts and strip clubs, a gentleman will find Australia to be a haven of bachelorhood.

Every year, the AAIA or the Australian Adult Industry awards recognizes the best of the best in the industry on certain categories of Adult entertainment. Nominations for best escort of the year had been a tight battle but only one emerged victor and claimed the title as Best Escort in Australia 2013. Listed below are some of Private Girls’ proud nominees for the same category:

Jasmine Jaro
Tagged as “the Empress” of escorting, Jasmine is an Asian escort from Hong Kong. Jasmine is a mixture of PSE and GFE giving her clients a personal touch of erotic affection. She is currently based in Melbourne but is on her last tour in Australia.
Grace Bellavue
Grace is a private escort from Adelaide. This young 24-year-old is a certified vixen in bed. Using her voluptuous body and sweet face, she gives the best high class service to her lovers in Australia. She is a beautiful woman with nothing but your satisfaction in mind.

Arianny Koda
Another private escort from our Melbourne galleries, Arianny Koda is the embodiment of your Asian fantasies. She is a very raunchy, uninhibited woman starting her career in the adult entertainment in a brothel as “Kasumi”. Today, Arianny received recognition from providing the best porn star experience.
Taylor Alexander
Oozing with sensuality and passion for sex, Taylor Alexander is revered to be one of the finest high class escorts in Sydney. Using her well-toned, slim body, beautiful body and her luscious 34F breasts, you can’t help but fall head over heels for this vixen.

Gloria Van Vaulker
One of private girls’ best independent high class escorts in the gallery, Gloria Van Vaulker is one of our experienced escorts. Only at 26 years old, she is an expert in the art of sex and seduction. She is smart, fun and sexy; your perfect date in Australia.

Lil’ Cowgirl Elle
Coming from the United States, Elle is a feisty woman who craves for sexual excitement with her clients. She is genuinely bisexual, being able to accommodate couples and MMF/MFF threesomes. Cowgirl Elle is the pinnacle of sensuality and erotic bliss.

Nominated as Best Adult website of 2013 Private Girls Australia continues to give you the best high class independent escort girls in Australia. If you want more elite escorts on your table, you can view a number of Perth escort girls in our main site gallery. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High Class Touring Escorts in Perth this August and September!

Perth is one of the best destinations for touring escorts around Australia. This August and September, a lot of touring girls are coming from all places of the country to enjoy the sights, sounds and satisfaction of the city of lights. For a number of days, elite Perth escort girls will be seeing clients in Western Australia. Here are some high class Perth escorts that are coming to the state within the remaining days of August and September:


Monica is a private escort from Europe and she is now touring all over Australia starting with Perth on the 21st sof August to the 3rd of September. She is a young companion with great personality and super hot body.

Originally from Sydney, Lauren is now kicking off her tour in Perth until the 25th of August. Lauren is a mature, sophisticated and stunningly beautiful lady with a craving for sensuality.

Danielle Bardoux
Danielle is one of our newest girls in our gallery but she is no stranger to sex and the art of seduction. Her body is made only for your pleasure. See her in Perth on the 1st to the 7th of September.

Samantha Love
Samantha, like Danielle is a new escort from our touring gallery. She is a fiercely beautiful woman oozing with sensuality and sex appeal. Share her your naughty secrets in Perth on the 15th to the 21st of September.

Sabrina Sky
Sabrina is one of our young and elite escorts in Sydney. At the young age of 23, she is already revered as a high class escort in Australia. She is set to tour Perth on the 27th of August to the 10th of September.

Touring escorts in Perth will be available in the city for that specific period of time in which they are set to tour. Within these days, they will be seeing clients and oftentimes get fully booked. If you want to book one of these girls, you can take a closer look at our Perth escort girl gallery where you can also find more touring and local Perth escorts.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Nature of Clients in the Perth Escort Industry

Sexy, intimate and ultimately romantic, these are the qualities that I totally enjoyed in my time with ‘Samantha’ - a Perth escort girl. Samantha was the girl of my dreams, the epitome of companionship. She was never in a hurry with our time together nor rude in front of me. I met her for our three hour booking with a dinner date just as I wanted.

I know you probably think that I’m a loser for hiring somebody just to be with me, but I could only care less. As long as I get the girl that I want and enjoy the companionship that she gives me, I am totally fine with it. With a busy working schedule that I have, it’s always a stress-relief to just relax with a soothing companion.

After a fine dinner, she told me “’re getting a sweet dessert later.” I knew what she meant, especially with the suggestive smile she gave me afterwards. I’m not going into detail of what happened between our intimate times together but I would definitely see Samantha again in Australia.

Why do men love to be with escorts?

Escorts are expensive and a hassle to book (sometimes) but still, they still get a lot of appointments from gentlemen and bachelors around Australia. Why are they such a hit in the adult entertainment industry? Here are some of the reasons why dating escorts is a great option for bachelors:

  1. Most of the clients that these escorts cater to are businessmen and jet-setters that have neither the time nor the emotional span to invest in a relationship.
  2. Experience is the best teacher. Going out with escorts lets you experience of dating and making love to the perfect girl.
  3. Perth escort girls provide the attention, passion and intimacy that these guys are looking for that they can find in their past relationships.
  4. Escorts offer a quick answer to your horny nights. With just a quick call, you can have a high class escort in your room in two to three hours.

Professional escorts greatly discern their clients. They are looking for a man who is polite, respectful and an absolute gentleman who is willing to share his generosity to them. Just because you have the money to pay these girls, you can put up a bad attitude towards them.

There are men out there who treat these ladies as if they are just service-providers or objects in which they can abuse. Remember, Perth escort girls are also women who have their own rights to be respected as a human being.

Even with the social stigma, escorts still enjoy the companionship of their clients around the country. Establish a relationship with these ladies. Take a closer view of the Perth adult entertainment industry on our main webpage.